Officiating Team

Canoeing as raced in the Sprint Racing discipline of Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) is an Olympic event and requires officials as well as athletes to conduct a competition (regatta). Volunteers are the core of the officiating team and give their time, energy, and expertise to ensure the fairest and safest racing conditions possible for all competitors. The Official plays an integral role in the running of the regatta and numerous volunteer Officials are required for the many officiating and/or support positions necessary.

The quality of competition in sprint racing has been developed and improved considerably in Canada over the past few years and this growth has been due to the dedication of many individuals across the country. The Official's Accreditation Program allows you to become involved and those of you who choose to enter the program will find officiating a challenging and rewarding experience.


When you decide to become a sprint racing Official, the initial step is to attend a one-day clinic held in your locale. These clinics are conducted by experienced people who are knowledgeable in officiating. The clinic will introduce you to the Competition Rules and to the specific responsibilities of the various officiating and/or support positions. As a novice Official, you will not be expected to learn or attain all abilities of an experienced Official immediately. Rather, you will begin by learning the basic essential material. The knowedge. experience and confidence that you will require to be an effective Official will be learned by gradually performing the various officiating positions.

The five-tier Official's Accreditation Program for sprint racing is as follows;

Level I: Officials in-training or a novice;
Officials Functioning within a single Club environment;
Level II: Officials who function at regattas involving two or more Clubs;
Level III: Officials who function at Provincial regattas and/or Divisional Championships;
Level IV: Officials who function at National Championships regattas;
Level V: Officials who function at International regattas;

Accreditation Program has been designed to develop officiating in Canada and to provide levels within it, an integrated and progressive means of improving their knowledge and skill in the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of sprint racing officiating. Within this process, each level of officiating experience is matched to appropriate competition demands so that Officials are qualified to officiate at regattas which are most suitable to their experience and ability.

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