Any Boat, Any Body!

PaddleALL is a new project of Canoe Kayak Canada, introduced in 2006-07. It is a program aimed at promoting individuals with disabilities to participate in the sport of Canoe Kayak. Many sunccessful PaddleALL programs are already in place across Canada. The positive impact of these programs at indiviual clubs propelled Canoe Kayak Canada in 2007 to begin a national initiative to support national standards in promotion, recruitment, coaching and competition. The program is a direct outgrowth of CKC's strategy to give our member Clubs the resources to meet the paddling needs of their local communities all across Canada.

Nationally, CKC has been providing competitive opportunities at the National Championships, beginning in Ottawa in 2007 and has continued to do so at each successive Championship.

Internationally, CKC has taken a leadership position within the INternational Canoe Federation (ICF) to promote PaddleALL by hosting the first international conference in the world on this topic in March, 2008. The ICF has formally endorsed this initiative and supports the Canadian goal to foster as much cooperation as possible as the sport quickly advances in this direction.

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For more information on CanoeKayak Canada's PaddleALL program, visit the CanoeKayak Canada PaddleALL Website. or contact John Edwards

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